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The Artist

Doug Peck has taught courses on the Blinn-Brenham Campus for the last 16 years, including ceramics, drawing, watercolor, and art appreciation. 


Blinn College District Art Professor Doug Peck has envisioned opening his own art studio in  Brenham for the last 32 years. That dream becomes reality early next year when the Doug Peck Studio featuring decorative and functional pottery opens in downtown Brenham. “Downtown Brenham is really developing and this town really embraces art, so the time and place for this studio is perfect,” Peck said. “Pottery has a way of drawing people in and I look forward to sharing it with the public.” Peck has taught courses on the Blinn-Brenham Campus for the last 16 years, including ceramics, drawing, watercolor, and art appreciation.


“Ceramics is a vehicle for students who may not be able to draw or paint, but are still able to produce art that has value,” Peck said. “A drawing doesn’t always sell very well, but a coffee mug does.” Students enrolled in Peck’s Ceramics I course to get an introduction to ceramics processes through the study of basic materials and techniques, including hand building, bisque, glazing, and firing procedures, as well as the use of the potter’s wheel. When not on campus, Peck works from his home studio with a woodfire kiln that eventually will be transported to his new studio space at 306 South Baylor Street. Peck has traveled the world to perfect his craft. Recently he explored the Caribbean and Europe, and also attended Osan’s Macsabal Woodfire Festival in South Korea and the Zibo, China, Macabal Woodfire Festival.

“I continue to expose myself to new ideas and old techniques as I visit other states and countries,” Peck said. “Traveling has inspired me, and meeting new artists and each new destination ignites a desire in me to respond.” Although Peck draws inspiration from all over the world, he remains true to his Texas roots and culture in many of his pieces. “By the shape of my ice teacups, wine goblets, shot glasses, and the Texas stamp I use, people around the world recognize my work and respect my culture,” Peck said. His studio will feature wine goblets, coffee mugs, plates, and bowls with prices ranging from $10 and up. Visitors also will have a chance to see Peck in action making the pottery.

“I cannot wait to make pottery all day, every day when I retire,” Peck said. “I love producing something that others get to have an opinion on and can enjoy. I am looking forward to sharing my passion with others in downtown Brenham.”

(COURTESY: Rich Bray, Blinn Information)



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